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North American Page For Innsbruck

2025 North American Team Features

North American Tour Dates and Features:

  • April 13 – 20, 2025 - 2011 Age Level
  • April 20 - 27, 2025 - 2012 Age Level
  • April 27 - May 4, 2025 - 2013 Age Level
  • May 4 - 11, 2025 - 2014 Age Level
    • Depart North America One Day before dates listed above
  • Seven Nights Hotel Stay with Breakfast each morning
    • Five Nights in Innsbruck and Two Nights in Munich
      • Sunday to Sunday (seven nights) - depart Saturday
      • This is for the North American Travelers and Teams
    • Organized activities for coaches, parents and players
  • Six -game guarantee tournament with additional ice times in Innsbruck for practice or scrimmage.
  • Full Day Hockey Camp for all players (9AM - 4 PM)
    • Combination of on and off-ice activities with lunch
    • Fully supervised and run by Professional Staff 
  • Arrival day dinner, Monday night dinner and $30 credit at Arena Cafe for Each Traveler
  • Kickoff party for all with drinks and food provided (6 - 10 PM wed)
  • Airport transportation at set times
  • Group activities and group meals.  
  • Fly in and out of Munich (MUC) - Flights on your own
  • English Speaking Guides assisting during entire stay
  • Tour is open to all family members
    • Coaches, Parents and Players all stay in the same hotel and have access to all tour transportation
    • Each family registers on their own through our website.

Invited Players: All North American Players and families register on this website starting August 2024.

INDIVIDUALS:  Apply NOW (free and easy).  Teams looking for individuals are given the list of applicants.  Coaches select.  This is the application, not the registration for invited players.

COACHEScontact me to inquire about entering a team for 2025 

Registration Opens September 1, 2024

All payments are cumulative based on due dates and amounts.  Payments: (deposit- 15%, Nov. 15 – 30%, Feb. 15 final 55%).  If you miss a payment or pay later you just make up for past ones during that session.  You may still register after deposit deadline just pay retroactive amounts if you miss a date.  

Flight Parameters - Book on your own

  • Airport transportation and shuttles for organized events and tours
    • arrival and departure from Munich Airport (MUC).
      • You lose a day flying to Europe.
  •  2011 - 2014 Age levels:
    • Depart North America Saturday of your tour week. If you arrive early then meet us at the airport or at our hotel in Munich on Sunday. We will release hotel information in March.  Your main goal is to arrive Munich Airport on Sunday.
    • Arrive Munich Airport (MUC) anytime on Sunday.  Set shuttle times between 8 AM - 2 pm.  All others transport themselves via taxis just outside of the door.
      • Shuttle 1 - 9:30 AM
      • Shuttle 2 - 11:30 AM
      • Shuttle 3 - 2:30 PM
      • Early or Late arrivals will need to set up their own public bus or train to nearby hotel.
    • Depart Munich (MUC) on Sunday after the tournament.  Shuttles to the airport until Noon. 6, 8, 10 and Noon shuttles.
    • These shuttles are set times and are the only ones provided by the tournament.  You may go on your own at your own expense.
    • If you need to arrive earlier or later than the shuttles, then you may transport yourself to set location on your own/you pay.  

ARRIVAL IN MUNICH AIRPORT – Meeting Point is Terminal 2 Arrivals Door (Bus and Taxi – Near Subway Sandwich)

Travelers arrive at both Terminals (1 and 2)
If your flight is delayed still go to the meeting point and wait.  We have set transportation loads and times so delayed arrivals need to be dealt with on that day.  We do not have room to take anyone at any time.  Our hotel in Munich on arrival day is only 15 minutes away.  You may take a taxi on your own at your own expense.  

2025 North American's Itinerary

Saturday Depart North America  
Sunday Arrive Munich. Stay near Munich. Set group dinner(s)  
Monday Organized event, bus to Innsbruck, Check Inn, Dinner   

Local activity during the day for all Family Members.

Player's Hockey Full Day Camp 9 -4


Practice in AM for North American Teams

Tournament Starts at 3 PM - One Game per team

Kickoff Party for All Travelers (free beer, food, water and wine)

Thursday Tournament - Two Games  
Friday Tournament - Two Games  
Saturday Tournament - One or Two Games. Bus to Munich after tourney  
Sunday Bus to Airport from Munich Hotel. Depart Europe  

Beautiful Innsbruck, Austria!!!!

Great Competition and Variety!

Wine Tour For The Parents

Our Unbelievable WHC Staff